MotoGalleria  “Art in engineering”

The Italian propensity for artistic design, historically demonstrated in a wide range of manufactured goods, has perhaps never been better exemplified than in the beautiful motorcycles that graced Italy’s racetracks and roadways in the 1950s and 1960s. Over the course of two decades, an unprecedented number of Italian firms, many of them lost to history, produced a dizzying array of small-sized motorcycles for a country with a desperate need for mobility after World War II. These machines were created at a time of impoverished resources, but consistent with a characteristically Italian insistence on producing, and demanding, objects of extraordinary design and beauty.

Hand-built by artisans, and extremely labour-intensive to build, they were produced in very small numbers by modern standards. Paint and chrome finish was often secondary to function and as production runs were so small generally no two were alike. The beauty in these motorcycles is in the myriad of details, wonderful engine castings, flowing lines and bespoke design, they represent the days before the accountants and bureaucrats changed motorcycling forever.

MotoGalleria recognises this rare beauty and wants to share it, believing that the extraordinary Italian motorcycles from this era demonstrate that while necessity breeds invention, the results can be truly beautiful. We are the only gallery in the world offering these stylish, sexy and colourful classic Italians as decorative art – aimed at the discerning collector.

Discover the ‘Art in Engineering’, share the passion.